Ethical Nonmonogamy | Polyamory, Love & Relationships

I Dream of Poly

It was the first time I'd encountered Tony in a dream since his death that wasn't laced with fear, angst, anger, or disappointment.

Ethical Nonmonogamy | Polyamory, Kinkstuff, Love & Relationships

Confession Time

And so began the little game where he's Peter Parker to the clown's Spiderman. He knows how to summon him. But he's totally not him.

Ethical Nonmonogamy | Polyamory, Love & Relationships

I don’t wonder

And on this one in a billion moment when an arbitrary product of billions of years of evolution picked to be the start of just one of another billion years to come... You chose to be with me.


Continuing Education: A Delicate Rant order to maintain their good standing in their field they are required to participate in a minimum number of hours of continuing education, or they lose the right to practice under the guise of being "licensed" or "certified."