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Remember the parenthetical (or, talk about the fine print; or, honor all your dimensions)

I'd just started my new job (ten years ago) and I was having dinner with my colleagues in...I think it was in Teaneck? Maybe Philly? Whatever. They were the "cool kids" colleagues. The senior staff on location at this event had all gone to some fancy schmancy restaurant and the rest of us "kids" opted… Continue reading Remember the parenthetical (or, talk about the fine print; or, honor all your dimensions)

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The Ask: Kinky Edition

Apparently I have a superpower: I can ask for what I want with minimal fear. It's not a super power, really. It might be why I'm well-suited for my job (asking people for large sums of money to fund a charitable organization). Here's the trick: I ask for things people pretty much want to give.… Continue reading The Ask: Kinky Edition

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Don’t “Dutch Oven” Your Partner(s)

It's a common thread in the poly relationship advice forums. (Usually) the "primary" (or longer-term) partner starts to feel that their partner is taking advantage of NRE and/or taking the longevity of their relationship for granted. Examples: "He takes his other partners out who don't have jobs or cars and spends a lot of money… Continue reading Don’t “Dutch Oven” Your Partner(s)

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Willie Nelson and Monstrous Gorillas

I've got Willie Nelson's nasal voice in my head singing "you are always on my mind," on the upswing.  The first time he says it in the verse when it sounds hopeful, not the second time when it sounds complacent. Last night I had a dream I was driving a white van with a bunch… Continue reading Willie Nelson and Monstrous Gorillas

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In which I win at life

Today would have been my sixth wedding anniversary. Those of you who have been following along know the implications of that sentence. Or, rather, you probably think you know. I barely understand the implications of that sentence. On the drive home last night, I realized that where will come a time (approximately two years from… Continue reading In which I win at life