Polyammering Podcast – Anne the Sex Geek (Episode 02)

Anne More (she/her) is a certified sex geek and self-described “late poly bloomer” who didn’t open up her relationship(s) until after the age of 50. Learn how she keeps the spark alive in two long distance relationships, and how learning more about her body and her sexuality changed her life.

See her in person at the Rocky Mountain Poly Living conference in Denver in April 2019!

Listen to it here: https://soundcloud.com/polyammering/sexgeekanne

For a glossary of terms that you may hear in this and other episodes of polyammering, visit polyammering.blog/glossary.

For the #multiamory episode on RADAR mentioned during the show, visit www.multiamory.com/podcast/147-rel…-radar-scrum-20

To learn more about Anne’s work, visit yesannemore.com or follow her on social media: FB: Anne More IG: yes.anne.more

Be sure to listen until the end for an opportunity to get a complimentary session with Anne!

The mission of polyammering is to increase awareness and acceptance and reduce judgement (including my own). While I may not always have the same approach to relationships that my guests do, I am grateful for their time and willingness to share openly what does and doesn’t work for them.

Thank you to our patreon supporters for making this podcast possible! Support at patreon.com/polyammering

3 thoughts on “Polyammering Podcast – Anne the Sex Geek (Episode 02)”

  1. Phoebe, This morning I’m the bearer of a bit of bad news ( but for a good cause! 😊): there is a problem with playing the 2nd episode – when I hit the link, it isn’t available on iPhone or my PC. Thanks for all you do. You rock! Dan

    Sent from my iPhone



    1. Yup. I realize that I’d overlapped some of the audio just as I was about to go to sleep last night. Figured I could do with some rest and fix it in a couple of hours when I wake up fully this morning!


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