Polyammering Podcast: Episode 05 – E.L. the Expat

E.L. Byrne is a freelance writer/blogger who has spent the past four years living abroad. This polyamorous expat was first introduced to the concepts behind polyamory while on a tinder date in Germany two years ago, and is now living and dating in Columbia while maintaining two long distance relationships and writing her memoir.

Follow E.L.’s story at http://elbyrnewriter.com or get into the steamy side of things with her erotica blog at http://lustitude.com

Follow E.L. on Twitter @ELByrne1

For a glossary of terms that you may hear in this and other episodes of polyammering, visit polyammering.blog/glossary.

The mission of polyammering is to increase awareness and acceptance and reduce judgement (including my own). While I may not always have the same approach to relationships that my guests do, I am grateful for their time and willingness to share openly what does and doesn’t work for them.

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