Polyammering Podcast Episode 07: Seren on navigating mental illness and polyamory

Seren (they/them) is bi-gendered and bisexual and lives in the Philadelphia area. Seren’s someone I met through the polyamory facebook groups a few years ago. They’ve made so much progress in that time in understanding how to navigate polyamory with mental illness, since being diagnosed with Bipolar 2, Borderline Personality Disorder, and PTSD. Seren has also experienced the transition of their traditional marriage into a cohabiting and co-parenting non-sexual relationship that’s working out very well for both of them. 

Here are the links to the facebook groups Seren co-moderates with their partner:

Philly Poly without Privilege dedicated to providing a safe space for egalitarian/RA poly and solo poly minded people who live in the greater Philadelphia area.

To join the secret group they co-moderate for navigating mental illness and polyamory in the Philadelphia area, message Seren directly here.

For a glossary of terms that you may hear in this and other episodes of polyammering, visit polyammering.blog/glossary.

The mission of polyammering is to increase awareness and acceptance and reduce judgement (including my own). While I may not always have the same approach to relationships that my guests do, I am grateful for their time and willingness to share openly what does and doesn’t work for them.

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