Polyammering Podcast Episode 08 – Bacon the Rigger

Bacon the rigger talks about his five year on-and-off journey with polyamory culminating in an open polyamorous relationship with his wife, girlfriend, and partner. He tells the story of opening up to his family about both kink and polyamory, and sheds some wisdom on what he’s learned over the past few years. Plus, we talk about bacon.

Follow Bacon on twitter: @Mister_Bacon_ or Instagram: @Mister_Bacon_ or email him about ordering his super yummy meat product at bacon@devilmasksociety.com

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1 thought on “Polyammering Podcast Episode 08 – Bacon the Rigger”

  1. Absolutely cherished this episode!!!! Felt a lot of resonance and validity modeling for my own relationships. Thank you both. ❤️


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