Mr. and Mrs. Shameless watch the game

“Do we have plans for next weekend yet, Daddy?”

Mr. Shameless was sitting naked on their leather sofa with his legs spread apart. The game had just resumed after intermission, during which his wife had secured his own emission. She was still sitting on the floor in front of him, absent-mindedly stroking the hair on his inner thighs with her fingers while her cheek rested on his thigh.

“No, pumpkin. Not that I can think of.” He looked over at Bradley sitting on the other side of the sofa and winked.

“Nothing at all?” she asked. Her voice had gone soft and she shifted her weight to turn her head so she could look up at him.

Mr. Shameless kept his eyes focused on the game and shrugged. “Nah. Nothing much going on next weekend.” He picked up the remote and pulsed the volume up two notches.

Mrs. Shameless’ eyes narrowed.


“What, pumpkin?”

She dug her fingernails gently into his thigh. “Did you see that?” he commented to Bradley as the referee made a questionable call on the field.

Bradley chuckled, “It was a good call.”

Mr. Shameless shook his head, “You’re only saying that because it’s in your team’s favor.”

Bradley smiled and adjusted his own balls.

“DADDY!” her fingernails jammed into his thigh and he crouched over, pulling her back by the hair. “Oh, for fuck’s sake, pumpkin! I know next weekend is your birthday!”

At that moment, the opposing team scored again and Bradley cheered then cleared his throat and started stroking his cock in preparation.

With a little flick on her nose, he pushed her toward the far end of the couch where Bradley sat waiting. “At least that will keep you quiet for the next ten minutes. Get to it. You better be done before my team scores again.”

Mrs. Shameless stuck her tongue out and wrinkled her nose, but satisfied that her husband had something up his sleeve for her birthday, crawled over and got to work.


Mr. and Mrs. Shameless go to the beach

“What are you doing, Daddy?” She’d just finished re-applying sunblock to her bikini-clad body on the large blanket they’d laid out on the sand. A few feet away, her husband was using a small plastic bucket he’d found to dig a hole.

“I’m digging a hole, pumpkin.” The afternoon sun was bearing down on his back. She leaned back and wiggled her bottom against the soft blanket.

“What for, though?”

“You’ll see,” he responded.

It was a weekday getaway, the kind that retired suburban men with their much younger wives could take without the bother of dealing weekend the crowds and families. There was another couple laying side by side, reading about twenty yards away. In the other direction, a small group of college-aged youngsters were kicking a soccer ball around far enough away that their laughter and cheers blended into the sounds of waves crashing and gulls squawking.

It was almost like having a private beach all to themselves.

A few minutes later, he mopped his brow and looked over at his wife, who was leaning back on her arms, squirming. He smiled through squinted eyes and called her over.

“Give Daddy a kiss,” he murmured as she stepped close to the edge of the hole to look inside. It was large enough for her to lay down in it. With an eyebrow raised, she leaned forward and onto her tip-toes for a kiss. He reached around and pressed his palms against her ass. “You enjoying your new beach toy?” he asked.

“Mmm. Yes, Daddy.” She pushed her butt back against his palm as it wiggled inside her.

“Top off,” he ordered.

She giggled, looking around. The boring couple with their noses in books wouldn’t notice, but as soon as she’d stood up, some of the soccer kids had gotten a little distracted by their public display and were definitely watching.

Turning to face them, she pulled the string behind her back and released her tits to the ocean breeze.

The soccer ball rolled down the slight incline into the water and bounced along the shallow waves, forgotten.

Meanwhile, Simon had produced a pair of alligator nipple clamps from the cooler. “These should be nice and cold now,” he said as he reached around from behind her to fasten them onto her already pert nipples.

He sank his teeth into her neck and she threw her head back with a groan. “Mmm…Daddy…” she mumbled.

“Get in the hole,” he ordered.

She hopped down into the hole and lay in it, all smiles, while Simon waved the small crowd of onlookers over.

“Help me cover her up,” he called out. Three of the guys rushed over, while the two women stayed back and whispered in low tones.

With four sets of arms, it only took a few minutes to bury her up to her neck.

Standing over her, Simon pulled a small remote control out of his pocket. “Let’s see if this works through three feet of sand,” he declared.

By the time each of the guys had had their turn with it, the quietly reading couple had picked up their stuff and moved further down the beach.

Mr. and Mrs. Shameless Take out the Trash

The roar of the garbage truck echoed through the bedroom walls. Still sleepy, Annie nudged her husband’s calf with her foot under the covers. “Daddy,” she grumbled. “Trash day.”

He grunted in response. Too tired to argue, she cradled her head into his chest, letting her hand wander (as it customarily did) toward his cock.

“Daddy, there’s something on your cock,” she murmured, unconcerned.

“Yes, pumpkin,” his voice had risen half an octave. “Let her finish,” he continued, “then she can put the trash on the sidewalk on her way out.”

Mr. and Mrs. Shameless Host a Memorial Day Picnic

“Daddy, Officer Bradley is here with Trisha and he brought Mark and Candy and two guys from the fire department.”

“Have you put out the chips and dip?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Did you turn on the hot tub for later?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Has the meat been tenderized and marinated?”

“Brad’s getting started on tenderizing Trisha with the baton, and Candy’s working her way through prepping the rest of the guys.”

“And you, pumpkin? Why aren’t you in there helping her out?”

“Well, the marinade just doesn’t taste the same without your special sauce, Daddy.”

“That’s my girl. Get your clothes off and get in there. I’m going to tenderize that sweet ass of yours before I serve it up to the boys.”

Mr. and Mrs. Shameless Have a Date Night

“What should I wear tonight, Daddy?” She held up a skin-tight red dress with a plunging neckline next to a light blue floral sun dress with a ruffle around the collar.

“Well, pumpkin, what are you in the mood for?” He was fastening his brown leather belt onto his dark wash jeans.

“Oh, I don’t care either way, as long as I get to eat something.” She was wearing a pair of skinny jeans herself with a black tank top that showed off her toned arms and ample cleavage.

“Well, you’ve been having a lot of meat lately. Been a while since the last time we went out for seafood.” His hazel eyes glittered as he reached over to the dresser to retrieve his gold watch.

“Yes, that’s true Daddy.” She bit her lip as she watched him fasten it around his wrist, the light bouncing off the soft hair that dusted his muscular forearms. His navy blue polo shirt spread across his broad chest just tightly enough to show off the definition he worked so hard to maintain every day since retiring from the police force.

“Alright, then pumpkin. What do you have that attracts women?” He grinned, hands on his hips as he watched her place both dresses back on the bed, and take her place at his side.

“Just you, Daddy,” she grinned. “Let’s go score us some pussy.”


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Mr. and Mrs. Shameless (Drabble) at the Movies

Their Story Begins Here


“Please, Daddy. I really want to see it.”

“No, pumpkin. There’s no way that’s what we’re watching.”

They were standing in front of the teller at the box office looking at the upcoming movie times. Their choices were between a blockbuster action movie, a couple of sappy dramas, and a chick flick.

She wanted one of the sappy dramas. He wanted the chick flick.

“Why would you want to see that?” she asked.

“Because that Bradley Cooper dude makes your pussy wet and I know you aren’t wearing panties under that skirt.”

Mr. and Mrs. Shameless Go to the Supermarket

Their story begins here 


“Can we play our game, Daddy?” she asked as she pulled one of the shopping carts free from the row.

“If you like, pumpkin.” he took her cart and she turned back to yank another one out.

“How long?” she asked.

“Fifteen minutes. GO.”

He went inside and made his way to the produce section while she, smiling mischievously, turned a sharp left to the pharmacy department.

Ten minutes later they were both back outside. “What’d you get?” she asked him.

He opened the paper bag and described its contents. “A very large cucumber, some lube, a pack of extra large condoms, a “Men’s Health” magazine, a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, a packet of clothespins, and roll of duct tape. What’d you get?”

“Pack of condoms, a package of sewing pins, a bottle of tequila, two coloring books, and the Plan B pill.”

“That’s good, pumpkin. What’d they say at the counter?”

“Nothing, but I’m pretty sure the woman was glaring at me. Did yours say anything?”

“Yeah. He gave me his phone number.”