Choices and the sadists who force them on sweet little submissive friends who deserve better (and will never admit to liking the torture)

One of the meanest things my friend-who-sometimes-tops-me makes me do sometimes is CHOOSE things. Once he made me choose where in the dungeon we’d have our scene. More than once he’s made me select which implements he’d be using in my subsequent beating. The MEANEST I think was when he put me in a “torture” tie and told me he wouldn’t release me until I asked to be release – thereby making me CHOOSE when the torture would end.

I hate choice.

When I have a hankering for ice cream, I can’t choose just one flavor. I always have to have the combo.  When I was a kid, if there was more than one option for cereal, I’d mix them all in a bowl together.  Raisin Bran and Cookie Crisp with a handful of Trix?  Yup.

I fucking love appetizer sampler platters.  One dish – all the foods.

I wrote that yesterday in a blog on Fetlife because they added a bunch of new “roles” and one of my friends noticed that a big chunk of formerly submissive women were switching their roles to “undecided.”

Well, no wonder, I thought.  When presented with too many choices, I get a little paralyzed, too.  I don’t want to have to make decisions.  I hate decisions. This is why I sit on the right side of the slash very comfortably.
The blog post ended with this:
P.S. to my friend-who-sometimes-tops-me, you already knew I hated that, so please don’t start making me choose more often because now you know just how MUCH I hate it.
P.P.S.  Fuck.  You’re going to make me choose shit every time now.
I got a text from him this afternoon.
Friend: I read it.  And you’re right. I’m going to make you choose things more now.
Phi: Figured.
Friend: But it’s good to know that it actually bugs you and you’re not just acting that way.Someday I’ll give you a choice between good things.
Phi: Like face slaps OR  hair pull instead of AND?
Friend: Like “take a really thuddy spanking and not be allowed to cum, or take a hard caning and not be allowed to cum.” 
Phi: ASS.
Friend: 🙂 🙂

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