Creativity In Negotiation

Saturday, December 14, 2019 @ Threshold Clubhouse in North Hollywood, CA
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7PM $5 members / $10 non-members

There’s more to negotiation than communicating your interests, hard limits, and soft limits for a scene. Negotiation can be world-building, creative, and even intoxicating when you put the right kind of energy behind it.

The goal of this discussion is to expand our self-awareness and identify our negotiation weak spots in order to engage in good faith in our relationships, whether they are short term, long term, or transitioning.

This class is for anybody and everybody who wants to share and expand their skills and comfort levels with negotiation. This is an inclusive class that is welcoming of diverse experiences and perspectives. Please contact the education coordinator or the class instructor if you require any assistance or special accommodation in order to attend. We will make reasonable attempts to accommodate as much as we can.


View/Download the presentation slides (coming soon!)

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Source used for class: Negotiation Styles