Be a Guest on Polyammering!


Polyammering Podcast is looking for people to share their stories with our listeners! Below is a non-exhaustive “wish list” of the guests I’d love to have on the show in the name of reducing judgement and increasing awareness and acceptance of the many diverse ways that love is celebrated under the umbrella of ethical nonmonogamy! If you don’t see yourself on this list, I still want to talk with you! I just want to make sure that folks whose stories are rarely told know that they are both welcome and included as part of the polyammering vision.

  • POC – especially those who feel underrepresented in most conversations about polyamory
  • LGBTQ+ (including trans/NB folx)
  • Relationship Anarchists
  • Members of established triads and quads
  • Monocorns – especially cis-male monocorns!
  • Polyfolk in Poly + Mono relationships
  • Ambiamorous folx
  • People who identify as “monogamish”
  • Members of large (4+)polygroups who live together and/or share fiances or own property together
  • Sex Workers, Bloggers and Sexual Freedom Advocates
  • People who grew up with polyamorous parents
  • People who love their metamours
  • People who DON’T love their metamours
  • Unpartnered Polyfolk
  • Asexual/Aromantic, and Demisexual/Demiromantic Polyfolk
  • People in established BDSM/Power Exchange protocols
  • Hierarchical, Egalitarian, and DADT (but be the person who has requested DADT) Polyamorists
  • Neurodiverse Ethical Non-monogamists and/or their partner(s)
  • International polyfolk (I see the stats – I know you’re listening!)
  • People who have overcome breaches of trust
  • People who have successfully transitioned a relationship (from sexual to nonsexual, or from married to not married but still together, for example)
  • Widows/Widowers (is there a gender neutral word for this?)
  • Poly Friendly (and practicing or poly adjacent)Therapists, Coaches, Lawyers, Accountants, Doctors and other professionals who service ethically non-monogamous clientele
  • Other Podcast hosts and bloggers who write and/or talk about ethical non-monogamy

Are you convinced? Wanna be on the show? Here’s how in FIVE EASY STEPS:

Step 1: Email me or complete out the Contact Me form on my website

Step 2: Tell me (in a few sentences) who you are and what your relationship landscape looks like

Step 3: Read the document I’ll send you with information about how we’ll record our episode and what to expect from our interview

Step 4: Follow the link I’ll send you to schedule the best time for us to record

Step 5: Show up for our chat!

If you have something to promote – GREAT! I want to help you promote it! But if you don’t, that’s still GREAT! You can come on an promote your business, your art, your favorite charity your garage sale, your etsy shop or nothing at all. It doesn’t matter if a story similar to yours has already been told, because your story is uniquely yours. It doesn’t matter if you want to remain anonymous or if you want to overshare every detail of your life with anybody willing to hear it!

I can’t wait to talk with you!