Ethical Nonmonogamy | Polyamory, Love & Relationships, Self-Discovery

A love letter to my friends

The other day, I read the words "I deserve to be surrounded by people who appreciate me..." and saw a writing in which someone wrote a letter to her partner's partners. Two different writings that I've since lost track of. So, with the full disclosure of where this particular writing is coming from, understand that… Continue reading A love letter to my friends

Ethical Nonmonogamy | Polyamory, Loss and Grieving, Love & Relationships, Self-Discovery

Wipe the Glass (Happy Birthday, Tony.)

He'd have been 55 today. I didn't want it to affect me, but I can't pretend it didn't. It's a really strange combination of emotions - knowing that I'm happier and healthier now, knowing that I've found love again and pulled my life back together and survived an incredible loss. And still feeling off on… Continue reading Wipe the Glass (Happy Birthday, Tony.)