About Phi

Phoebe Philips, (known as “Phi” to her friends) is a freelance blogger who initially gained popularity on FetLife as @phi-is-me. She writes a combination of smut, comedy, introspective essays and short stories on everything from kink, sex, and relationships to polyamory from the monogamous perspective to personal growth and politics.

In a past life, she wrote sex toy reviews and freelance articles for AVN Magazine as “Rosita del Rostro” and co-hosted a kink-related podcast. Phi’s public blog at https://ohthatphi.wordpress.com was recognized as one of the Top 100 Sex blogs of 2016 (clocking in at number 27) by mollysdailykiss.com, and her erotica has been featured on kinkweekly.com, a weekly online magazine for the kink community.  She has also been published on http://swingtowns.com/blog.

In her free time she enjoys cooking, binge-watching Star Trek (all iterations), and lavishing attention on her two cats.  She’ll probably write a book someday.


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