About the Author

Polyammering is written by Phoebe Philips, a relationship coach and freelance blogger who covers a broad range of topics including: kink, sex, relationships, polyamory, mono + poly, personal growth and politics.  

Phoebe has written reviews for adult pleasure products and freelance articles for AVN Magazine.  Polyammering.blog (previously known as othathpi.wordpress.com) was recognized as one of the Top 100 Sex blogs of 2016 (clocking in at number 27) by mollysdailykiss.com, and her erotica has been featured on kinkweekly.com, a weekly online magazine for the kink community.  She has also been published on Swingtowns blog and can be heard on episode 180 of the Multiamory Podcast.

Described by at least one friend as “having a black belt in polyamory,” Phoebe volunteers her time as an admin and moderator in several Facebook Groups dedicated to supporting those in the kink, polyamorous, or polyamorous-adjacent lifestyles.  She also created “Monocorn Sanctuary,” a group specifically aimed to offer support to people who are monoamorous and dating a polyamorous partner.

As a (nearly) certified professional life coach, Phoebe’s clients rely on her insight and guidance as a  poly/kink friendly relationship coach with a concentration on helping people overcome many of the challenges unique to mixed mono + poly relationships.

Phoebe is also in the process of writing her first book on polyamorous relationships and hopes to launch a patreon campaign in December 2018 to help fund the writing and publishing of this long-anticipated endeavor.

During her free time, she enjoys cooking, binge-watching Star Trek (all iterations), and lavishing attention on her two cats.


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