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Adjusting to Change with Compassion and Authenticity

We need to have compassion for one another regardless of our individual circumstances. Comparing hardships is about as helpful as comparing partners – it’s not.

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Reflections on widowhood

. But when I parent my inner child - that little collection of her memories that I carry - I finally understand at how society, my family, and my beloved late husband had all molded into their version of who they wanted me to be.


My First “Official” BDSM Experience

He began pulling things out from the suitcase, one at a time, showing them to me - explaining to me what they were, how they were used, and then he'd use it gently on my outstretched arm. After each item he would ask me how I felt about it, have me rate my level of interest in using it, and set it aside.

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Sabotage by Comparison

imagine if every time I started dating a polyamorous person, I gave up on the relationship because I compared our relationship to one they enjoyed with someone else - whether it's someone they had been with for years or someone they'd just started dating.

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A New Chapter: Moving in with my metamour

I think there was a moment when I had the full realization that a non-romantic partner could be as important to me as a romantic partner - which, when I type it out right now seems like, "well, duh..." but in that moment it felt like an epiphany.


On Protests and Parades: an examination of my privilege and the downside of hope

It might feel like a good thing to wish that this was all over and that nobody would get hurt and that property wouldn't be vandalized, stolen, or burned; but it doesn't feel right - knowing that nothing will change until shit gets uncomfortable or inconvenient enough for those of us who don't seem to be willing to do the right thing until it affects us directly.

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Polyammering Podcast: S201: Season 2 Preview Mini Episode

Season 2 Begins Now! In this mini episode I provide an update on what to expect from Season 2 of the podcast and share some thoughts on how the global Covid-19 pandemic will affect the nature of our relationships moving forward. Want to be a guest on Polyammering Season 2? Contact me! I want to… Continue reading Polyammering Podcast: S201: Season 2 Preview Mini Episode

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What’s in it for the mono person in the relationship?

That's when the forensic relationship accounting begins. Someone (usually the mono person in the relationship) begins looking at the relationship the way an accountant might view a business profit and loss statement. They are able to clearly see the benefits for their polyamorous partner, and perhaps even for their newfound metamour - but on their own end, all they see are big red expenses.

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Health and Wellness in Polyamory: (or how reading about the coronavirus turned into a blog post)

While I'm probably not the person to write the post that tells all the polycules ten surefire ways to avoid getting and transmitting coronavirus, I am the person that writes the post that tells all the polycules that the conversation about establishing your polycule's health and wellness protocols should be included in your polyamory starter-pack.