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Polyammering Podcast Episode 06: Sarah the Solo Poly Sweetheart

Sarah Underwood is a theatre professional in New York City who identifies as bisexual and polyamorous.  She transitioned into polyamory about four years ago while still with her monogamous partner, whom she’d met at 19 years old.  Now in her 30s, Sarah’s relationship landscape looks very different than how it did back then.  Enjoy episode… Continue reading Polyammering Podcast Episode 06: Sarah the Solo Poly Sweetheart


Polyammering Podcast: Episode 05 – E.L. the Expat

E.L. Byrne is a freelance writer/blogger who has spent the past four years living abroad. This polyamorous expat was first introduced to the concepts behind polyamory while on a tinder date in Germany two years ago, and is now living and dating in Columbia while maintaining two long distance relationships and writing her memoir.


Polyammering Podcast: Episode 03 – Kara the Mama

Kara (she/her) and her husband have been together 15 years and have a 9 year-old daughter. How did they approach opening up their marriage 4.5 years ago, and what's changed since then?

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The other side of the comparison trap

We've been socialized since birth to view everything in terms of "which is better, which is worse" and it's really difficult to unlearn that habit.

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My thoughts on defining one’s sexuality

...when I try to break down what people are talking about when they talk about sexuality, I think they're often talking about a bunch of different things that don't all fit in a simple graph or system that's easy to digest.


Planning for the Apocalypse feels like a very real possibility that at some point in our lifetimes, the luxury of having services that deliver food to your door via mobile phone app connected to your paypal account, and corporations that produce two-ply toilet hypo-allergenic paper that you can pick up at the local grocery store with your rewards card are going to the things that future children will treat like fairy tales.