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The other side of the comparison trap

We've been socialized since birth to view everything in terms of "which is better, which is worse" and it's really difficult to unlearn that habit.


Polyammering Podcast – Anne the Sex Geek (Episode 02)

Anne More (she/her) is a certified sex geek and self-described "late poly bloomer" who didn't open up her relationship(s) until after the age of 50. Learn how she keeps the spark alive in two long distance relationships, and how learning more about her body and her sexuality changed her life. See her in person at… Continue reading Polyammering Podcast – Anne the Sex Geek (Episode 02)

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The one that explains how I think boundaries work

My aunt, on the topic of love, has always said "when you feel, you know..." and I was starting to think that the concept of boundaries was as nebulous as trying to define the concept of love.

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The Pizza Analogy

I would never have to enjoy my life without him. I would have my pepperoni forever. He made me happy. He loved me. I loved him. This whole pizza thing was making me hungry and confused.

Ethical Nonmonogamy | Polyamory, Love & Relationships

On biting that apple

What if where you are in your life is EXACTLY where you're supposed to be right now? What would that be like, to stop comparing your current location to a perceived end-game?

Ethical Nonmonogamy | Polyamory, Love & Relationships

The exchange rate for exclusivity: A potentially divisive opinion

As a monoamorous person who has dated a handful of polyamorous partners over the last four years, I am happy to say that I have never had to increase or reduce the number of people I have wanted to be in a relationship with to make any partner happy.