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How to handle feelings you don’t want to be feeling

" we internalize [hurt feelings] to send us a message about what our relationship(s) mean to our partner(s) can sometimes be more destructive than [they] need to be. "

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Why I sometimes imagine the possibility that I could be polyamorous

Once or twice a year I let my mind wander and imagine what it would be like to have another romantic relationship in addition to the amazing one I'm already in.

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The Pizza Analogy

I would never have to enjoy my life without him. I would have my pepperoni forever. He made me happy. He loved me. I loved him. This whole pizza thing was making me hungry and confused.

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My Bookshelf Brings All the Boys to the Yard

This post was inspired by a couple of posts I saw on FetLife about being attracted to a person by the books on their bookcase.¬† Since I don't want to link to someone's blog there without permission, and he hasn't yet posted them publicly - for now, that's as much attribution as I'll give for… Continue reading My Bookshelf Brings All the Boys to the Yard


On Compliments

I won't have been the first person to write this, nor will I likely be the last. I, like so many others, am just one of the many who - in shedding some of the (perhaps unintentional) burdens laid upon my psyche by the patriarchal system that dominates our society - has come to regard… Continue reading On Compliments


Addendum to the self-improvement manual

Are you trying to make a change in your life? ¬†Acknowledged some bad habits and are doing the work to address their sources and make adjustments to overcome them? There's something that's not in the "self-improvement" manual that I think you should know. There are people in your periphery who are going to be hard-pressed… Continue reading Addendum to the self-improvement manual


Schrodinger’s Baggage

There's that weird spot again, between being a mother and not. I've never given birth. I've never changed a diaper. But I know what it is to worry when your child has a need and you're in charge of providing for it.