On Compliments

I won't have been the first person to write this, nor will I likely be the last. I, like so many others, am just one of the many who - in shedding some of the (perhaps unintentional) burdens laid upon my psyche by the patriarchal system that dominates our society - has come to regard… Continue reading On Compliments


Professional confidence trumps mascara

I received an impromptu invitation this morning to attend a dinner hosted by a former colleague (from almost 20 years ago) who is now a CEO and mover and shaker in my industry. The location? A swanky Beverly Hills award-winning restaurant. We'll be joined by two of his colleagues, one I've met before. I was… Continue reading Professional confidence trumps mascara

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The Photograph

It had arrived gift wrapped on her 29th birthday. A tarnished silver 5x7 frame holding the only remaining copy of a photograph taken years earlier.  Enclosed was a simple, unsigned note:   Remember that once upon a time, you were cherished. She’d thrown the framed photo back into the padded envelope it had arrived in… Continue reading The Photograph