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Trust and responsibility in BDSM

In one of my early posts on Fetlife long ago, I wrote "It's not that I'm lying when I tell you I'm okay; it's that it isn't until much later that I realize I was mistaken." This week, there have been a couple posts out and about that are debating the issue of ...I guess… Continue reading Trust and responsibility in BDSM


Conducting Scene Negotiations from the Bottom

...the way a top leads a scene negotiation is usually an indication of their experience and talent in leading the scene itself.

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An Essay About and Alternate Ending to “The Mindgasm”

In a funky figure-eight of codependent narcissism, I get nothing out of it if they get nothing out of it, and since I want something out of it, I will damn well ensure they get something out of it.


The Stunt Cunt

Where she is "hedonist" I am "pleasure slut." Where I am "bottom" she is "stunt cunt." Where I am "masochist" she is on a level all her own when it comes to pain.