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The Surrogate

Her actions were methodical - almost robotic in nature. Closing the door behind her, she slid her arms from her raincoat, pulled the sweater over her head and unbuttoned her pants. Within minutes she was stripped down to her socks, panties, and a thin black tank top. It's too bright. She drew closed the heavy… Continue reading The Surrogate

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Using my words

Once upon a time I thought I was telepathic. No, not really, but once upon a time, I behaved as though the men I was interested in could read my mind. With a look or a series of hints, I could convey my desires and they'd have the option to either make them happen or… Continue reading Using my words

Erotica, Kinkstuff, Love & Relationships

A different kind of B.B.W (Smut)

You're led out of the house by a tight fist grabbing hold of your hair. He orders you to get in the car, and while he's fiddling with the back seats, he tells you to start masturbating. You're already wet, of course. You had been for hours. He has that effect on you. It takes… Continue reading A different kind of B.B.W (Smut)