Erotica, Humor, Series: Mr. and Mrs. Shameless

Mr. and Mrs. Shameless watch the game

“Do we have plans for next weekend yet, Daddy?”

Mr. Shameless was sitting naked on their leather sofa with his legs spread apart. The game had just resumed after intermission, during which his wife had secured his own emission. She was still sitting on the floor in front of him, absent-mindedly stroking the hair on his inner thighs with her fingers while her cheek rested on his thigh.

“No, pumpkin. Not that I can think of.” He looked over at Bradley sitting on the other side of the sofa and winked.

“Nothing at all?” she asked. Her voice had gone soft and she shifted her weight to turn her head so she could look up at him.

Mr. Shameless kept his eyes focused on the game and shrugged. “Nah. Nothing much going on next weekend.” He picked up the remote and pulsed the volume up two notches.

Mrs. Shameless’ eyes narrowed.


“What, pumpkin?”

She dug her fingernails gently into his thigh. “Did you see that?” he commented to Bradley as the referee made a questionable call on the field.

Bradley chuckled, “It was a good call.”

Mr. Shameless shook his head, “You’re only saying that because it’s in your team’s favor.”

Bradley smiled and adjusted his own balls.

“DADDY!” her fingernails jammed into his thigh and he crouched over, pulling her back by the hair. “Oh, for fuck’s sake, pumpkin! I know next weekend is your birthday!”

At that moment, the opposing team scored again and Bradley cheered then cleared his throat and started stroking his cock in preparation.

With a little flick on her nose, he pushed her toward the far end of the couch where Bradley sat waiting. “At least that will keep you quiet for the next ten minutes. Get to it. You better be done before my team scores again.”

Mrs. Shameless stuck her tongue out and wrinkled her nose, but satisfied that her husband had something up his sleeve for her birthday, crawled over and got to work.

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