It never really got off the ground with us. We agreed to end things soon after we’d given it a go. She’d moved on.  I settled back into my routine.  Life went on for both of us in generally positive directions.

Over time, we’d run into each other.  Nothing weird. We’d hang out. Crack jokes. Have conversations.  She was cool.  She was worth knowing.

She was also fun to watch. Maybe not as fun as being the reason those noises came out of her, but still an enjoyable experience as a spectator. I’d watched her before and many times since, and it always made me smile to see her have a good time.

I was walking past one of the private rooms that one time, though.  She was normally a public player. Nothing too intense. Nothing too intimate. She could have a great time with her panties on, that one.

This was different.

We’d been …can we call it dating?  For a few months. I liked him enough. Sex was fun. The kink was good.  But he wasn’t meet-the-parents cool.  Just “chill to hang with” cool. Friends with benefits is what people call it.

He’d never played in public before, but had heard (and read) about my experiences with growing interest.  He wasn’t like everyone else I played with – my scenes with him involved sex. It came as a surprise when he said he wanted to try it, and asked if I did. Of course I wanted to, it was on my bucket list.

I didn’t tell anybody else.  None of my other friends or play partners. We chose a traditionally slow night.  I figured that would make it easier for him, it being his first time in a dungeon and all.

He looked so relieved when I showed him the smaller private rooms that were available for use. I think he’d thought (understandably) that the main room was all there was, since I always described my scenes taking place there.

“No, we can use one of these,” I said.

I’d known she’d been seeing someone for several weeks, but I hadn’t met him.  We had talked about him, though.  He was a friend.  A fuck-buddy.  There was nothing serious between them outside of their activities in the bedroom and an occasional movie night.

I was acquainted with her other partners – all regular players at the dungeon. They all treated her with respect. I could see they all held her happiness in high esteem. She’d surrounded herself with good people. I assumed this new guy was probably like the rest of us in that regard.

I hadn’t known she was coming out that night. I was there just to get out of the house for a little while.  When she walked in with him, I raised an eyebrow.  She smiled and walked over.

Oh.  He was there that night.  It’d been close to a year since we’d attempted a thing and agreed it wasn’t in our best interest to continue. Too much….too much everything.  The intensity happened too quickly and we could both feel the cracks that would eventually lead to a painful break, so we backed away.

I still respected him. The good part was good. I valued our friendship and had often turned to him for advice along the way.

The introduction wasn’t at all strained.  Why would it be?  And yet, I felt …something.

A splinter. A tiny fragment of something long ago buried just under my skin.

Because I knew what I was going to do that night was different.  I knew he was going to see it.

And something about that quietly excited me.

They’d been in their scene a good twenty minutes when I walked by to take a peek.  I’d heard her moans earlier.  Sounded like she was having a good time, and as always – it made me smile.

But the sounds of smacking and moaning and laughing had subsided and curiosity got the better of me.  The room they were using was in between the main room and the kitchen. I could just go get a cup of water….

I’m not a big fan of receiving oral. I’d gotten used to it with this guy, though.  He was a huge fan of giving.  I couldn’t deny him that enjoyment.  It was always more of a precursor than a main event, though.  The climax took too long that way and I’d just stare at the ceiling or his hair bobbing between my thighs and wish he’d jam his cock inside me instead.

I wasn’t surprised that after spending a little time on the spanking bench he had me sit up on the edge of it and spread my legs. I was facing the hallway – his back was toward the door, with his face buried.  I lightly ran my fingers through his hair and sighed contentedly.

People were walking by.  Some would stop for a little while and watch, and I’d just avert my eyes. I liked being watched but it was still a little odd to look directly at them while my pussy was being eaten.

But then, when I looked up again, it was him.  Standing just outside the doorway.

Our eyes locked.

Now, I know it’s frowned upon to insert myself into someone else’s scene uninvited.  But…honestly, the look in her eyes when they met mine.  The invitation was loud and clear.

She wanted me to watch.

I wanted to watch.

I needed to watch.

He’d felt the change in me, I guess.   His muffled moans getting more excited as my pussy flooded with arousal.  I dug my fingers against his scalp and pulled his face in toward me aggressively.

Grinding my clit onto his tongue I started to feel the orgasm build.  It was going to happen.

I maintained eye contact with the man outside the room the entire time.

I was going to come.  From oral. In the dungeon.  While people…while *he* watched.

It was surreal.  I don’t know why, I just got the sense that it was for me.  That orgasm was mine.

I don’t know why, I just knew it was true.

“My turn,” my partner’s voice snapped me out of orbit.  Oh.  Yes.  Here.  With him.

He stood up and kissed me with a face full of my scent.  He groped my breast hard, pinching my nipple.  He reached around with the other hand and squeezed my ass, pressing on a bruise that was already forming from our earlier activities.

And then he grabbed me by the hair, pulled me off the bench, dragged me over to a wooden chair in the corner and sat down.  It was my turn to kneel now.

It didn’t matter that I couldn’t see him anymore. I knew his eyes were locked on. I knew he was watching.

It drove me to perform better. I was on autopilot when he pulled me off his cock, bent me back over the spanking bench and started fucking me.

The entire time he did it, I wished I’d been facing the door.

“That was hot,” I told her after we’d cleaned up all the furniture and gotten dressed again.

“Yeah.  How you feeling?” She was so spaced out, I could hear it in her voice.

“Awesome.  You?”

“Good. Thirsty…”

“Yeah.  Let’s go get some water.  You lost a lot of fluid in there,”  I teased her. She’d explained she was an exhibitionist a bunch of times, but I had no idea the key to getting her off with oral was to do it in public.

She smiled, eyes still glassed over. “Yeah.  Water good.  Much thirst.”

“Aww, did somebody forget how to words?” I pressed my hand into the small of her back. She nodded.

“You’re probably not the only one,” I said.  “You probably didn’t notice ’cause you were so spaced out, but that one guy you introduced me to when we got here?  He watched almost the entire scene. I think that dude actually likes you.”

“Mmm…..”  she responded.

We never talked about it.

The cracks were still there, radiating between us – all the reasons why it couldn’t work.  Shouldn’t work.

We’d tried running our fingers along the length of it once.

And the splinters were still there.

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