Erotica, Love & Relationships

Tuesday Morning

Most mornings (and evenings) the wand is all that’s necessary. One, two, three times and she’s good to go.

This morning, her need went a little deeper.

It’d been over a month since the last time.

She lay in bed, having pulled the seldom-used black vibrating fuckstick from the nightstand drawer and unrolled a condom over it. At least they were getting used for something.

She lay back, spread her legs and put the pointed edge up toward her already lubricated hole. When the pain started, she pulled up the image of a man – this one or that one or the other one, urging her to continue. Pressing her to keep pushing inward.

It took several minutes to work it inside. Then she reached for the button and the vibrations began.

Before pulling the wand out to do its regular thing, she pumped the toy in and out of herself a few times until guttural cursing startled the cats off the bed.

It was time.

She squeezed her already tight muscles around the intruder and reached for the vibrating wand with one hand while pinching at her nipple with the other.

The orgasm echoed off the walls of her empty house calling out the name of whichever one had taken residence at the forefront of her mind in that moment.

She looked up at nothing with eyes as wet as her cunt and imagined him, or him, or the other one praising her for her good work.

It’ll be at least another month until the next one like this.

When it’s finally his turn he’ll feel how long she’s waited for him.

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