Humor, Series: Mr. and Mrs. Shameless

Mr. and Mrs. Shameless Go to the Supermarket

Their story begins hereĀ 


“Can we play our game, Daddy?” she asked as she pulled one of the shopping carts free from the row.

“If you like, pumpkin.” he took her cart and she turned back to yank another one out.

“How long?” she asked.

“Fifteen minutes. GO.”

He went inside and made his way to the produce section while she, smiling mischievously, turned a sharp left to the pharmacy department.

Ten minutes later they were both back outside. “What’d you get?” she asked him.

He opened the paper bag and described its contents. “A very large cucumber, some lube, a pack of extra large condoms, a “Men’s Health” magazine, a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, a packet of clothespins, and roll of duct tape. What’d you get?”

“Pack of condoms, a package of sewing pins, a bottle of tequila, two coloring books, and the Plan B pill.”

“That’s good, pumpkin. What’d they say at the counter?”

“Nothing, but I’m pretty sure the woman was glaring at me. Did yours say anything?”

“Yeah. He gave me his phone number.”

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