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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (Thoughts on the TV show)

I started watching it for the humor and the silly musical numbers. No, wait...I started watching it because of her. Rachel Bloom. I'd become aware of her last summer watching an episode of Lip Sync Battles, and felt drawn to her persona. It's not often I look at someone and think I see a physical… Continue reading Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (Thoughts on the TV show)

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Weekly Enemas: A Cautionary Tale (with humor)

Heads up - I'mma talk about pooping, not in a sexy way. I'll try to make it funny, though. Hello, my name is phi, and I like butt sex. I have liked butt sex pretty much always. The way it worked with the partners I'd had in the past, including one guy who ONLY was… Continue reading Weekly Enemas: A Cautionary Tale (with humor)


What smut looks like when I’m feeling grumpy

I knew what she wanted. I could tell, from the way she looked at me that she wanted me to take her and make her mine. She was dressed to impress, I'll give her that. That pencil skirt showed off her curves. And when she leaned over to pick up her purse from the floor,… Continue reading What smut looks like when I’m feeling grumpy

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My house has an odd medicinal smell to it. I don't know if it's caused by whatever mysterious process is going on in the downstairs guest room that has been quarantined while they have these enormous drying machines running 24/7 since Saturday. But I do know that I didn't start smelling the new not-entirely-pleasant smell… Continue reading Stink

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My Vagina Has a Theme Song

And now, for a little levity. Over on FetLife, I posted a "challenge" of sorts.  Here's what happened.  I was chatting away when all of a sudden, the words "my vagina has a theme song" popped into my head. I thought it would make for a GREAT title for a blog post, but didn't really… Continue reading My Vagina Has a Theme Song

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Of Sharts and Friends

I've had a delightfully polyfocused weekend. Thursday, my friend and metamour Elre came over. We cooked dinner together (or, rather, I cored, peeled, and sliced the apple and ey did everything else, including searing the pork chop and prepping and roasting the butternut squash). Then we watched the premiere of Dancing With the Stars (and… Continue reading Of Sharts and Friends

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I guess I lost my sense of humor

I started paying attention to the news again. About a year ago, I saw a friend of mine post a joke about Donald Trump running for president. Turns out, that wasn't a joke. And I thought, "Well, fuck...I sure have been out of touch." I had. On purpose. After my husband passed away, I really… Continue reading I guess I lost my sense of humor