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Interested in coaching and/or mentoring with Phoebe?

What is a coach?
As a coach, I help you bridge the gap between what you have and what you want to achieve in your personal relationships.  A coach recognizes that nobody knows your life better than you do, and exists to facilitate and hold space for you set your goals, create an action plan, and release anything that’s blocking you from achieving your dreams. In “coach mode” I will rarely (if ever) offer advice; but I will help you unlock the answers that already exist within you.

What is a mentor?
As a mentor, I can and will offer advice, support, and gentle guidance in your journey of personal growth. I may share a personally relatable experience or resources from time to time, but my method is one that blends coaching and mentoring to offer suggestions or alternate ideas and perspectives, rather than dictate your next course of action to you.

Coaching and Mentoring each have their own benefits and drawbacks, and the choice on which “mode” you want to work with me in is up to you every time we meet.

COVID-19 Update to Rates and Services*
I have updated my rates to reflect the financial uncertainty that we are all facing at this time. I have removed package options that offered a price break per session when purchased in bulk and am offering the same low rates to all clients:

Schedule your Complimentary 20 minute session (for first time clients)
Schedule a 60-minute session for $99 here
Schedule a 30-minute session for $60 here

*Pre-paid package clients, please continue to use your scheduling link to schedule the remaining sessions in your packages.

Read the general Client and Coach Agreement
Clients are responsible for reading through the Client and Coach Agreement prior to purchasing any sessions or scheduling a complimentary consultation.

Polyammering recognizes that financial hardship can be an obstacle for those who are deserving of help on their journey of personal growth. Please contact me to discuss how we can potentially work together on making an investment in your future that is right for you.

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