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Interested in coaching/mentoring?

Hi! I’m Phoebe Phillips – a blogger and essayist who specializes in non-traditional lovestyles. In 2019, I will graduate from an IFC certified course in professional coaching.  As a Certified Professional Coach, I am trained to coach people on any subject about any issue, but the niche and specialty I’m most interested in hanging up my shingle for are helping people succeed in ethically non-monogamous and/or polyamorous relationships, including mono + poly relationships.

As a mentor and a coach, I can help guide people through the process of self-discovery, and understand how to overcome some of the emotional and mental blocks that keep us from truly loving and accepting ourselves and our loved ones.

Though I am graduating some time in early 2019, I am able to begin coaching and mentoring clients  prior to receiving my certification.  In fact, I will need to complete a certain number of coaching hours prior to receiving my final certification – so if you’re interested, now’s a good time to get started!

Menu of services, pricing structure and package options are coming soon.  When you’re ready, Contact Phi!

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