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Tale of Two Princes (and an empowered princess)

(Originally posted on FetLife April 2015)

Once upon a time there was a princess who was trying to cross a bridge when she happened upon a troll.  The troll, being that he was a troll, tried to block her passage.

“Get off my bridge!”

The princess, not one to be trifled with, stood her ground.  “This is a public bridge,” she explained to the troll, “and I must cross it to reach my destination.”

The troll was kind of a dick.

“You ain’t gettin’ on my bridge, lady.”

And the princess (because she was a princess, after all), simply decided to ignore the troll and start crossing the bridge regardless.

The troll tried to get in her way, and the princess pulled out a can of pepper spray and pointed it at him.  She was a modern day princess.

Meanwhile there were two princes standing behind her watching this display take place.

One of them stood on the bank of the river and called out to the troll, “Hey, troll! Your’e a jackass! You should let her pass; it’s her right to do so and now you have to deal with me!”

He looked at the other prince who was watching the entire scene with amusement. “Aren’t you going to say anything?” he asked incredulously.

The second prince shrugged his shoulders, kept an eye on the princess as she finished crossing the bridge to the other side, and said “Looks like she handled herself just fine. If she’d needed my help, she’d have asked for it.”

Later that night, the princess fucked the second prince while the first one wrote furious blogs about rejection.

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