Love & Relationships

How I imagine it happens from your side

(Originally posted on FetLife March 2015)

It begins with desire. Hunger.

You want to touch her, control her, and bring it to the brink of climax before pulling her away. You’re in charge. You decide. She is powerless over you.

She calls to you and you ignore her.

She knocks on your front door and you pretend nobody is home.

But late at night, when you are alone in your bed you start to think about her.

And soon enough, thoughts of her creep into your mind. You want her. You want to touch her.

You want her to touch you. You want to possess her, and you think this happens by filling every hole you can, but she’s become elusive.

You’re searching for her now. She’s difficult to find, though you catch glimpses of her out with somebody else and you feel that pang of longing.

She’s difficult to find.

Until you do. And this time, you don’t hold her back. You let her in to fill you the way you filled so many others. She isn’t powerless, she’s your Mistress now.

She is Love.

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