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Polyammering Podcast Episode 10: Kyra Grosman

Kyra Grosman is a Brooklyn-based therapist who’s doing something really interesting – he is offering consultation and ongoing supervision for mental health professionals who are working with polyamorous or ethically nonmonogamous patients. Kyra himself has a fascinating story that he shares with us. He doesn’t actually identify as polyamorous himself, but more along the lines… Continue reading Polyammering Podcast Episode 10: Kyra Grosman

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Non Sequitur – A Birthday Request

My birthday is coming this week. I'll be 39. Save the date for next year. There will be a celebration. But for this year, it's pretty low key. Back in my 20s I set the standard that I only celebrate the Zeros and the Fives with parties, but the rest of the birthdays pass by… Continue reading Non Sequitur – A Birthday Request


Thoughts on “morality”

Last night I went to the movies with a 69 year old activist, feminist woman whom I met through my local Democratic club. She's been protesting since the 1960s, her son served on active duty in the Army in Iraq,  and she'd suggested we go see Loving at the cheap theater near her house. I… Continue reading Thoughts on “morality”

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3:00 AM; November 9, 2016

I went to sleep when my candidate suggested that we do so. I can understand her not wanting us to be awake to bear witness to the hour in which she conceded this election to a reality television show star. But, I woke up a few hours later and couldn't help it. I refreshed the… Continue reading 3:00 AM; November 9, 2016


How the #BlackLivesMatter and #LGBTQ Rights movements helped a straight white girl become a better person

When I get pulled over for a traffic violation, I usually know exactly what I did and I'm not too concerned about my physical safety. I have the privilege to be annoyed, rather than frightened.

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Even if they never come for me…

I was lucky not to have been born yet when the hate would have been pointed in my direction, not for anything I'd done or even really believed in. Just for being born. For existing and having a last name that identified me as someone worthy of being hated. Also lucky my ancestors got out… Continue reading Even if they never come for me…