Humor, Kinkstuff

My Pro-Domme

“Butterfly for me,” she’ll say, and I will spread my legs open and clasp my feet together. She’ll get close, really close, and spread my pussy lips apart. I have to pass inspection.

A few minutes later, she’ll tell me to bring my knees up to my chest and hold my ass cheeks apart underneath. Again, I have to pass inspection.

Prior to this, she’s been expertly layering the pleasure and the pain over and over again over my entire body. She lulls me into the feeling of warmth and safety and then rips that rug out from under me in eye-watering pain. She doesn’t flinch.

I do.

And then, the inspection. Her face just inches away from my most private parts and I’ve only just met her.

The aftercare is nice. A soothing rubdown, while my skin still blazes red from her sadistic touch.

“You’re all done,” she’ll say.

I’ll thank her, and get up from the table – inspecting my newly waxed body in the mirror before I get dressed again and pay the woman.

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