Kinkstuff, Poetry, Self-Discovery

I will not break

Nobody is going to “break” me.
Not in either sense of the word.

I’m not a “wild and untamed” thing that needs to be brought to her knees and controlled despite her instinct to thrash and claw her way out of anybody’s grasp.

I’m not a porcelain statue with a crack on the side,
decreasing my value to anybody but the one who put it there.

No. I’m not broken, and I won’t be.

Life tried to break me and I got stronger.

And now, I’m here. I know who I am. I know what I am.
Even more: I know I’m capable of change.

Is that why they get scared?

Because I’ve got my shit together?
Because I don’t actually need anybody?
Because I can take care of myself?

Well, they’re silly.

Because when I submit, it’s not from need, or fear, or defeat.
It’s from desire. It’s from want. It’s from choice.

My choice.

And I’m good at it.

Because I can share that strength.
And, I can share that desire.

I can give him that power he craves
as long as he understands

It’s mine to give.
Not his to take.

I will not break.

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