Erotica, Kinkstuff, Love & Relationships


He’d been studying her all night, sensing sadness beneath the mask she had on display. “Show me. What’s behind that smile?” he said to her after trapping her between his tall, muscular frame and cold, cinder block wall.

“What for?” Defiance. Deflection. She’d been deflecting all night.

“You’re not here with me right now.” His thumb touched behind her ear and he gradually added pressure with a grip around her throat.

“I chose you. I’m here.” There it was. A flash. Fear. Vulnerability.

“But your heart is with him.” More pressure. Her eyes closed, she gasped for air.

“I want you to make me forget him.” Her back arched. She pressed into him.

“That’s not my job.” He released her throat and gently grazed the back of his knuckles along her cheek.

“Then what is your job?” Her eyes open now, deflecting again.

He leaned forward. His lips inches from hers.

“To make you remember me.”

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