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Bring it On

“You think you can top me?”


“I’d like to see you try.”

“Would you?”

“Yeah,” he said.  “Show me what you got.”

She took a step back and took him in, letting her eyes wander up and down his body, and settling on his mouth.  She instinctively bit her lip.

“I’m going to take what I want from you,” she said with a tone of warning.

“As opposed to….?” he prodded.

Her eyes met his.  “What you think I want from you.”

“Bring it on,” he smiled, with the hint of challenge in his eyes.

“Clothes off,” she said sweetly.  He stripped of his shirt, unbuckled his belt and slowly slid it out through the loops in his jeans.  He was teasing her. She raised an eyebrow and stepped in closely.  With one hand firmly gripping his balls, she raked her fingers through his hair and pulled back hard, exposing his throat.  He was taller than she was, but not so tall that she couldn’t lower her voice to a whisper and still be heard.

“Let’s not waste my time, I think.” she said, before digging her teeth into the flesh where his chest met his arm.

“Oww!” he cried out.  She held the bite a moment longer, then released him completely.

“Is ‘oww’ a problem?” Her eyes revealed the mischief behind the question, which was oddly reminiscent of their first scene together long ago.

“No,” he said.  “It’s not a problem.”

“Your clothes are still on.”

He hastily unbuttoned his pants and dropped them, boxers and all down to his ankles, using his feet to untangle himself from their presence.

She watched, and plotted.

Slowly she circled around him, allowing her hands to roam across his body. She lingered her fingers over his nipples, down his side, over his hips, and and around his ass as she came back to the front and, with a light touch, ran them down his torso until they were encircling his cock, which was already showing signs of intrigue.

She turned to walk toward the bed, towing him behind her as if on a leash.  The leash grew stiffer.

She took a seat on the bed, facing out and brought him in between her parted thighs.  Taking a firm grip of his cock, she raised it up and lowered her flattened tongue onto his balls, dragging it up against his shaft until she reached the tip.

She felt his twitch and smiled.  One more time, she went down and brought it up, this time circling the head of his dick with the underside of her tongue before filling her mouth with his throbbing erection.

She dragged her nails around his thighs and pressed them into his fleshy ass cheeks.  He grunted, and she grinned – looking up at him with big, blue doe-eyes.

“Mmmm? Something wrong?”

“No,” he responded.  “You’re doing great.”

She laughed, and turned her attention back on this thickening meat stick.  Her mouth watered and she took it back into her throat, feeling the stroke of it back and forth across her lips until her eyes watered.  She felt the muscles beneath her fingers tense up, and smiled again, as she slowly backed away.

A trail of spittle clung on, connecting them both until it let go of her tongue and swung down to hang off the tip of his dick before dripping onto her lap.

He groaned a little, reaching forward to grip her by the hair as he’d done so many times before, but she leaned back and shook her head.

“Not this time.”  She spread her legs and brought her knees up to rest her feet on the edge of the bed.  “You can get a pillow if you like,” she said as she leaned back with her arms stretched out behind her head.

Moments later, he was kneeling before her with his lips kissing lightly on the flesh above her clit.
“What did I tell you about wasting time?” she asked, thrusting her hips upward.  Reaching back for a pillow of her own, she propped her head and shoulders up so she could comfortably watch.  He always did look so good with his gorgeous eyes peering up between her thighs.

But this time she could relax into it.  He couldn’t rush her to orgasm with his fingers. She could take her time and enjoy the view.  Closing her eyes and allowing herself to experience the pleasure, she ran her fingers down her neck and over her chest, letting out an involuntary shiver as her finger tips brushed passed her hardened nipples.

She lost track of time as she lay there, caressing, pinching, and moaning as he worked his tongue expertly around her cunt, occasionally opening her eyes again to take in the delightful sight of his focused exertion before drifting off into waves of pleasure. When she was ready, she opened her eyes again and ran her fingers down her belly and over his head.

“Use your fingers now.  Make me come now,” she ordered.

Her orgasm was explosive.

She grabbed both sides of his face and pulled up, guiding him over her body to fill her mouth with her own flavor. She felt his dick re-engage as it pressed against her upper thigh.

“Get inside me.”

He obeyed without question, thrusting in and out of her hungry cunt with purpose. The sounds of her screams echoed off the walls as he brought her to climax again and again, until his own whimpered whisper acknowledged that he was getting close.

She clawed at his back and growled through clenched teeth.  “Give me one more, then pull out and come on my tits,” she said.

The hot liquid poured from him and she smiled again, watching his face as he exploded onto her then collapsed on the bed beside her.

She lightly scratched his head, quietly waiting until his breathing stabilized.

“Feed it to me,” she said.
He looked up at her with a puzzled expression. She arched her back and pressed her come-covered tits up.  “With your mouth. I want every drop.”

By the time she was satisfied that he had, in fact, fed her every last drop – he was hard again.
“You know what I want form you now?” she asked, as she stroked his cock mid-kiss.

She let go, leaned back on the bed and pressed her wrists back on the mattress above her head,  She closed her eyes, then opened them again.  In them, he saw  her want. Desire. Passion. Hunger.


“Get creative,” she replied, softly.

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