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Can you tell me how to get…


Clamps one and two were fastened to each nipple from the top; the chain lifted and inserted into her mouth where it was held between clenched teeth.

Clamps three and four, also each attached to her nipples, but from the bottom.  The chain lay resting against her belly.

He hovered over her.

A third chain was linked to the second on one end.  The chain tugged downward as he securely fastened the fifth clamp to her wet and swollen clit.

They were celebrating five months together.

“Tonight’s debauchery will be brought to you by the number five…,” she’d joked with him earlier.

She recalled his response as she lay open, vulnerable and clamped times five while he pushed his hardened cock inside her hungry cunt.

“And the letter O,” he’d said.







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