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The thing about not feeling “enough”

The most frequent statement I read from people trying to transition into polyamorous relationships for their partner is the sense that they feel like they are “not enough.”

Whenever I see that line, my heart sort of aches for them. I understand that feeling and where it comes from, but somehow it doesn’t affect me and I had a difficult time articulating why.

And I finally figured out the answer:

The trick is in realizing that not being “everything” is still enough.

1 thought on “The thing about not feeling “enough””

  1. I understand what you are saying here… I am all for “true” polyamory… what I am not for are “individuals” that claim to be poly but are really either just “single” or tired of their existing relationship and want to wander about. That is what has left a bad taste in my mouth… you really have to be involved with healthy, trustworthy individuals…


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