Polyammering Podcast: Episode 03 – Kara the Mama

Kara (she/her) and her husband have been together 15 years and have a 9 year-old daughter. How did they approach opening up their marriage 4.5 years ago, and what's changed since then?

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Possibilities are not guaranteed

All relationships are a gamble. Poly. Mono. Something in between. Something on another spectrum entirely. There's no guarantee that it will work indefinitely. You can only succeed if you try, but even then...it's not guaranteed. 

Ethical Nonmonogamy | Polyamory, Love & Relationships

The thing about not feeling “enough”

The most frequent statement I read from people trying to transition into polyamorous relationships for their partner is the sense that they feel like they are "not enough." Whenever I see that line, my heart sort of aches for them. I understand that feeling and where it comes from, but somehow it doesn't affect me… Continue reading The thing about not feeling “enough”

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My advice to the partner of a Leeroy Jenkins-style Polyamorist

There is a metric fuckton of self work that has to go into successful polyamory, whether you're on the mono side or the poly side.

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Rules are Condoms: An Imperfect Metaphor

Try to make a rule that your partner will never develop feelings for a sexual partner and be prepared to find yourself on the business end of a Klingon pain stick.

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The Frustration with French Fries

The most painful part of my monthly waxing isn't the part where she's ripping the hair out my most sensitive places. It's having to maintain a conversation with her for the two hours I spend on her table. Yes, two hours. She's meticulous. She's "tweezers to the ass crack" meticulous. This is why I put… Continue reading The Frustration with French Fries