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Possibilities are not guaranteed

All relationships are a gamble. Poly. Mono. Something in between. Something on another spectrum entirely. There's no guarantee that it will work indefinitely. You can only succeed if you try, but even's not guaranteed. 

Loss and Grieving, Love & Relationships, Self-Discovery

Countdown to year three

I'm 11 mornings short of three years. Like with most of my traumas, I'm able to talk about it now with time-seasoned detachment. It's a story that happened to someone else - a different version of me. But sometimes the emotions sneak up on me. Like, when I'm approximately 12 mornings short of three years… Continue reading Countdown to year three

Ethical Nonmonogamy | Polyamory, Love & Relationships, Self-Discovery

A love letter to my friends

The other day, I read the words "I deserve to be surrounded by people who appreciate me..." and saw a writing in which someone wrote a letter to her partner's partners. Two different writings that I've since lost track of. So, with the full disclosure of where this particular writing is coming from, understand that… Continue reading A love letter to my friends

Ethical Nonmonogamy | Polyamory, Love & Relationships

“I just want everyone to be happy.”

I had a former partner experience both of his relationships crashing and burning while he attempted desperately to maintain that all he wanted was for "everyone to be happy." The problem was that in that particular set of relationships, there was no way for his two partners to be "happy" the way he wanted.  And there was… Continue reading “I just want everyone to be happy.”