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I’m not allowed to hurt myself

I'm craving the escalation of everything. I want kisses with teeth. I want hugs with claws and texture. I don't want to be led, I want to be thrown, forced, and taken.

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Why I think you want to hurt me

Do you sacrifice the pleasure of your flesh for the frisson of your power?

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No, No, No….Yes.

"No, No, No..." The words came out and I knew I didn't mean them. Still riding the wave of that orgasm, I wanted the pain. I craved it.

Kinkstuff, Love & Relationships, Self-Discovery

What Hurts? (A Fetlife Challenge)

The only pain I receive now is the pain I seek. The slaps, the bites, the scratching as rope is pulled taut across my skin. The kind of hurt that results in the indulgent satisfaction of surrender.

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The Cheeseboard

He made me count them and thank him for each one, and I did - knowing they would be the last ten I'd ever get from him.