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Sometimes you can’t even judge a book by its table of contents

Earlier this morning I received a message on Facebook from my childhood best friend. She'd had some life changes and, despite our not being all that close for the past 20 years, she wanted to share the news with me. She goes on to tell me that she's polyamorous, dating one of our mutual high… Continue reading Sometimes you can’t even judge a book by its table of contents

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Where your friends call home

Content warning: Suicide & Depression* *This all happened yesterday.  The friend I speak about in this post has been found alive, and has made a decision to get help.  We're all very relieved and supportive.  I'm leaving this post the way I wrote it before we knew for sure. A friend posted his suicide note… Continue reading Where your friends call home


Shooting spitballs at butterflies

They met in the caterpillar colony, under the shade of a broad leaf. "What are you doing?" she asked. "I'm shooting spitballs at butterflies." he responded. She seemed puzzled. "The butterflies are beautiful and free. Why are you shooting spitballs at them?" He shrugged. "They're not any better than we are. And when I hit… Continue reading Shooting spitballs at butterflies

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The good girl never wins.