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I Choo Choo Choose You!

The topic of the "Veto" came up recently in conversation. While engaging in very healthy communication and negotiation with a new partner, a friend of mine was told that their partner's wife had "limited veto power." Which made the collective group go *gulp*. My friend communicated back (because yay communication!) for clarification on what "limited… Continue reading I Choo Choo Choose You!

Ethical Nonmonogamy | Polyamory, Love & Relationships

Open Relationships; Closed Minds (a rant)

Note: This is a rant about something I experienced today. I do not think ALL poly people are this way. Not even ALL the poly people in the chatroom where this happened felt this way. Just the very vocal ones. But I'm upset by it and I need to vent, so...boom: blog post. I asked… Continue reading Open Relationships; Closed Minds (a rant)

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Critical Thinking

Yesterday, NPR reposted a story to their facebook page from 2014. The article title was: Why doesn't America read anymore? If you clicked through to read the article, it wished you a happy April Fool's Day and explained that they wanted to see how many people actually read the stories vs how many people just… Continue reading Critical Thinking

Ethical Nonmonogamy | Polyamory, Love & Relationships

I don’t wonder

And on this one in a billion moment when an arbitrary product of billions of years of evolution picked to be the start of just one of another billion years to come... You chose to be with me.