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Critical Thinking

Yesterday, NPR reposted a story to their facebook page from 2014. The article title was: Why doesn't America read anymore? If you clicked through to read the article, it wished you a happy April Fool's Day and explained that they wanted to see how many people actually read the stories vs how many people just… Continue reading Critical Thinking

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I don’t wonder

And on this one in a billion moment when an arbitrary product of billions of years of evolution picked to be the start of just one of another billion years to come... You chose to be with me.

Ethical Nonmonogamy | Polyamory, Love & Relationships

When love is like a Netflix subscription

We're all subscribers with the same benefit, and as long as his servers (and our internet access) are up and running, we can all keep on streaming our individual relationships without much interruption.

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So, how does it work? (more poly stuff)

If you haven't figured it out yet, there's someone special in my life. (Cue the fanfare) But, here's the fun part, he's someone special in more than just my life. That's right:  phi, the poster child for monogamites everywhere, is dating a polyamorous guy. (womp womp) Soooooo.....once upon a time I wrote this about my… Continue reading So, how does it work? (more poly stuff)

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Excuse me, but you’re not *MY* primary

This is all hypothetical and nothing to do with my current situation.  It's the response to a few posts I've seen in the ether where I've chosen to keep my response private because the people involved in my current situation might misinterpret it to be about them. In this whole "Metamours' relationship with the primary"… Continue reading Excuse me, but you’re not *MY* primary


Schrodinger’s Baggage

There's that weird spot again, between being a mother and not. I've never given birth. I've never changed a diaper. But I know what it is to worry when your child has a need and you're in charge of providing for it.