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On Submission

Too often, the term "submissive" is thrown about as something that is below or beneath its dominant counterpart. I don't think that's how it works.

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The Collar

I have lots of collars.  Lots and lots and lots.  They're accessories, though, like the many many rings i have and wear when I'm dressing up for a special occasion. But not like the rings I keep tucked in a special box in my jewelry drawer:  my engagement and wedding rings. Those are different.  Those… Continue reading The Collar

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A lesser man would have used the word “brat”

I have a hard time with the term "brat."  I also have a hard time observing "brats." I've written about this issue before (on fetlife), but suffice it to say - "Brat" is a trigger for me. But I'm not a pushover. I'm not a door mat.  And partners in the past have made the… Continue reading A lesser man would have used the word “brat”

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Bring it On

She lingered her fingers over his nipples, down his side, over his hips, and and around his ass as she came back to the front and, with a light touch, ran them down his torso until they were encircling his cock, which was already showing signs of intrigue.


Thought: Seeking Rejection as a form of humiliation play?

Rejection is the low hanging fruit of humiliation, in a way. So, do they go after the strong lady submissives in the hopes of being rejected so they can get a little bit of that feeling they crave?

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An Essay About and Alternate Ending to “The Mindgasm”

In a funky figure-eight of codependent narcissism, I get nothing out of it if they get nothing out of it, and since I want something out of it, I will damn well ensure they get something out of it.