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One Lucky Whore

When I miss him, I ask if I can "see" him and he sends me a selfie. I was still three days away from seeing him again. He sent me a selfie. He was smiling in it. "is that smile for me?" I asked him. "The smile. The photo. The excitement." I grinned. "Oh, but… Continue reading One Lucky Whore

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Moments and Context: Part Writing Exercise. Part Smut.

  A moment without context: She felt the palm of his hand flatten against the back of her neck as his fingers, entwined in her still-damp hair, grabbed hold and pulled her back. Within seconds, she was on her hands and knees with her face pressed into the cushion - his strong grip holding her… Continue reading Moments and Context: Part Writing Exercise. Part Smut.

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Submission and control: an introspective essay about the inverse proportionality of job satisfaction and my craving to submit

I want to submit because I want to feel control again. Sounds weird, right? Usually people talk about submission as the idea of giving up control.

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Can you tell me how to get…

  Clamps one and two were fastened to each nipple from the top; the chain lifted and inserted into her mouth where it was held between clenched teeth. Clamps three and four, also each attached to her nipples, but from the bottom.  The chain lay resting against her belly. He hovered over her. A third chain… Continue reading Can you tell me how to get…

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On Submission

Too often, the term "submissive" is thrown about as something that is below or beneath its dominant counterpart. I don't think that's how it works.

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The Collar

I have lots of collars.  Lots and lots and lots.  They're accessories, though, like the many many rings i have and wear when I'm dressing up for a special occasion. But not like the rings I keep tucked in a special box in my jewelry drawer:  my engagement and wedding rings. Those are different.  Those… Continue reading The Collar

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Remember the parenthetical (or, talk about the fine print; or, honor all your dimensions)

I'd just started my new job (ten years ago) and I was having dinner with my colleagues in...I think it was in Teaneck? Maybe Philly? Whatever. They were the "cool kids" colleagues. The senior staff on location at this event had all gone to some fancy schmancy restaurant and the rest of us "kids" opted… Continue reading Remember the parenthetical (or, talk about the fine print; or, honor all your dimensions)

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The Ask: Kinky Edition

Apparently I have a superpower: I can ask for what I want with minimal fear. It's not a super power, really. It might be why I'm well-suited for my job (asking people for large sums of money to fund a charitable organization). Here's the trick: I ask for things people pretty much want to give.… Continue reading The Ask: Kinky Edition

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Bring it On

She lingered her fingers over his nipples, down his side, over his hips, and and around his ass as she came back to the front and, with a light touch, ran them down his torso until they were encircling his cock, which was already showing signs of intrigue.