Polyammering Podcast Episode 11: Zoe the Asexual Grad Student

Zoe, who uses cis pronouns of she/her, is a grad student who is asexual, a-gendered, and in a relationship with a polyamorous partner. She’s a wonderful guest who very patiently answers a lot of my questions on the differences between emotional and romantic connections and what a typical date looks like when sex isn’t the… Continue reading Polyammering Podcast Episode 11: Zoe the Asexual Grad Student

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Mono friendly does not mean poly hating

What I really want to do is help people understand that there are healthy and unhealthy ways to do either, and there is definitely a way to make it work when a partnership has one of each.

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Move the Goal Post: On relationship “failures”

Imagine thinking that you failed at accepting polyamory in one sentence, and in the next being so fully accepting of his polyamorous identity that you're willing to end the relationship rather than try to force him to change.

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Thoughts on the “Green Flags” in relationships meme

There's a new meme going around, and I like a LOT of what it has to say. In case you haven't seen it, it's the one that suggests a more positive approach to evaluating your relationship(s). Instead of looking for "red flags," it invites people to look at the "green flags."

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Polyammering Podcast Episode 10: Kyra Grosman

Kyra Grosman is a Brooklyn-based therapist who’s doing something really interesting – he is offering consultation and ongoing supervision for mental health professionals who are working with polyamorous or ethically nonmonogamous patients. Kyra himself has a fascinating story that he shares with us. He doesn’t actually identify as polyamorous himself, but more along the lines… Continue reading Polyammering Podcast Episode 10: Kyra Grosman

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When insecurities are driving your relationship(s)

The next thing you know, the insecurity is in control not only of the established relationship, but its tendrils are reaching in and poking at the soft spots in the nascent one as well.


Polyammering Podcast Episode 09: Talk about Annie Frazier

Episode nine features the lovely Annie Frazier (she/her or they/them). She's the host of Talk About Love podcast, and shares about the year and a half she spent "re-landscaping" her relationship from a married primary structure to solo-poly life.